Connected Brand Protection

Brandstrike brings together brand protection in the online and physical world. Counterfeits online have passed through a physical supply chain. Counterfeits on a market stall were located through a search online. We identify the links and provide the means to act.

Our services enable Connected Brand Protection:

  • Online Brand Protection with a particular China emphasis
  • IP Investigation and Enforcement in UK, China, West Africa and around the world
  • Brand Protection Support Services
    • Test Purchases in Europe, Africa, Asia and Americas
    • Witness Statements and Expert Witness
    • Law Enforcement Training
    • Payment Mechanism Takedowns
  • Brand IP Audit

Please read below for further information on our services.

Online Brand Protection

Brandstrike provides a worldwide online brand protection service, monitoring all the major marketplaces, social media, search engines, mobile app and dark web sites for infringements. We provide a managed service with access to an online portal with emphasis on China. Our Chinese speaking staff located in London have a close working relationship with the major online marketplaces, web hosting companies and registrars which enables fast and efficient takedowns.

IP Investigations and Enforcement

Our network of specialist IP infringement investigators are located around the world. We particularly specialise in China and West Africa based investigations.

We work with law enforcement in the UK, China, West Africa and around the world in tackling IP infringements.

Please contact us for additional information.

Support Services for Brand Protection

Test Purchases

We conduct test purchases to evidential standards in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

Witness Statements and Expert Witness

We complete witness statements as brand representatives in the UK and are available to act as Expert Witnesses in court on behalf of our clients.

Law Enforcement Training

We regularly train UK police, trading standards and customs officials on how to identify counterfeit from genuine products.

On behalf of our clients we also produce counterfeit guides for law enforcement use.

Payment Mechanism Takedowns

If you are having trouble with a web site in many cases we can stop the web site’s ability to process payments.

Please contact us for further information.


Brand/IP Audit

The audit checks that key brand/IP protection elements are in place and make recommendations based on best practice in your industry and various other factors including size, age, geographical coverage etc.  The scope of the Brand/IP Audit is as follows:

·         Matching domain name and trademark registrations

·         Matching domain names and trademarks to current and planned product names

·         Domain name and trademark registrations in current and planned overseas markets

·         Methods of online monitoring in place and enforcement policy

·         Trademarks registered with customs around the world

·         Overt and covert authentication on products and packaging

·         Level of surveillance of supply chain for counterfeit and grey market goods

·         IP ownership terms in contracts with third parties including distributors

·         Analysis of a company’s position online (level of counterfeit goods, what people are saying e.t.c)

·         Processes in place to identify and deal with brand protection issues

Please contact us for further details

If somebody has registered a domain name containing your trademark and you would like it back then we may be able to help.

Registrars around the world are required to follow the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to enable trademark owners to recover domain names registered by third parties in bad faith.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) are one of the UDRP administrators. If an arbitrator at WIPO agrees a domain name should be transferred then the registrar is obligated to make the transfer to its rightful owner or it will no longer be able to register domain names covered by the policy – given it covers the most popular domain extensions such as .com and .net then a registrar has no choice but to comply.

We provide a competively priced WIPO submission service. We offer a free consultation prior to taking on the case. Further information on the process and procedures as they apply to your case are provided in the consultation.

For an additional fee we will research the registrant to find out if they have registered other domains containing the same trademark. This means a single case can be brought against the registrant rather than returning to the WIPO UDRP process multiple times.