Brand/IP Audit

The audit checks that key brand/IP protection elements are in place and make recommendations based on best practice in your industry and various other factors including size, age, geographical coverage etc.  The scope of the Brand/IP Audit is as follows:

·         Matching domain name and trademark registrations

·         Matching domain names and trademarks to current and planned product names

·         Domain name and trademark registrations in current and planned overseas markets

·         Methods of online monitoring in place and enforcement policy

·         Trademarks registered with customs around the world

·         Overt and covert authentication on products and packaging

·         Level of surveillance of supply chain for counterfeit and grey market goods

·         IP ownership terms in contracts with third parties including distributors

·         Analysis of a company’s position online (level of counterfeit goods, what people are saying e.t.c)

·         Processes in place to identify and deal with brand protection issues

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