If somebody has registered a domain name containing your trademark in bad faith our Domain Name Dispute Service may be able to help.

Registrars around the world are required to follow the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) to enable trademark owners to recover domain names registered by third parties in bad faith. The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) are one of the UDRP administrators. If an arbitrator at WIPO agrees a domain name should be transferred then the registrar is obligated to make the transfer to its rightful owner or it will no longer be able to register domain names covered by the policy – given it covers the most popular domain extensions such as .com and .net then a registrar has no choice but to comply.


Initial Consultation – Free

Brandstrike Fee for putting submission together for WIPO up to 5 domains with same registrant – US$1,000 (based on all documents in English)

WIPO Fees – US$1,500 for single arbitrator

Total Fixed Fee US$2,500 (Brandstrike + WIPO Fees)

We also provide a research service at an additional cost to identify any other domains containing the same trademark registered by the registrant. This can save money by not having to come back a second time if they have other domains containing your trademark.


Approximately 70 days from instruction to proceed to transfer of domain name.

Domain Name Extensions Covered

The UDRP is applicable to second-level domain name registrations in the following gTLDs: .aero, .asia, .biz, .cat, .com, .coop, .info, .jobs, .mobi, .museum, .name, .net, .org, .pro, .tel, .travel and all New gTLDs.

Plus ccTLDs that have adopted the UDRP including .ag, .as, .bm, .bs, .bz, .cc, .cd, .co, .cy, .dj, .ec, .fj, .fm, .gd, .gq, .gt, .ki, .la, .lc, .md, .me, .ml, .mw, .nr, .nu, .pa, .pk, .pn, .pr, .pw, .ro, .sc, .sl, .so, .tj, .tk, .tt, .tv, .ug, .ve, .vg and .ws.

NOTE: Possible to combine ccTLDs and gTLDs in same application


We will provide further information on the process and procedures as they apply to your case in the consultation. In the meantime, additional information can be found by following these links:

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